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We help health and wellness professionals build a online business so they can reach an audience, make a difference in people’s lives and have systems in place to grow a profitable business.



K8 Wellness

Kate Davison, Nutrition and Health Coach, was preparing to launch her business focused on helping women discover the true reasons for their fatigue, digestive and weight issues. She wanted a website that spoke to her high-quality consulting while reflecting her energetic personality.


Brad Rudner

Brad Rudner, the founder of a nutrition and health coaching business focused on helping parents of young children feel energetic, had been working hard on his website and developing content for his growing audience.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Brad Rudner

I would recommend Scott for anyone who is seeking to take their vision and build it into a tangible asset. He was involved like he was a partner and invested in the outcome. I appreciate Scott's skills, knowledge, attitude, and personality. He made the process both fun, educational and fulfilling. Thanks Scott!

Brad Rudner - Founder,


Scott was ultra professional from day one, from the pre-screening questions (which were super detailed, made me think I was applying to Mensa!) to the initial consultation, proposal and right through to the launch. He hands down provided the most professional and reassuring proposal right from the start and I knew that from day one I would get a professional end product.

Kate Davison - Nutrition and Health Coach, K8 Wellness,

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