The Challenge

Phil Nicholl’s running and sporting goods store has been in business in Victoria for over 20 years under the name ‘Island Runner’. Phil felt it was time to rebrand his business to reflect his best marathon time of 2 hours and 18 minutes and to inspire others to reach their own personal best. So he came up with a new name for his store — 2:18 Run. He wanted a modern look that would separate him further from his competitors and he approached us to help make it happen.

The Solution

We started with a logo design that was simple, athletic and inspirational. From there we redesigned his website to match the new brand. Rebranding Phil’s business has resulted in a surge of interest with returning and new customers, both online and in person, interested in the story behind the brand new 2:18 Run.

From The Business Owner


“Scott’s process for rebranding my business was very thorough from every aspect including a new logo, graphics, business cards and a brand-new website.  All were so important, as I was rebranding after 23 years with the same brand. Results have been noticed in new customers finding us via Google and other venues which I haven’t used in the past. Scott is very professional and very serious about doing a perfect job.”

Phil Nicholls – Owner, 2:18 Run Corp.

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