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How To Pick A Domain Name For Your Business Website

Intro In this article you’ll learn about what to consider when selecting a domain name for your business website. What is a Domain? A domain is the address of your website (aka URL). So, in ‘’ it’s apple. Pretty straight forward right?   Professional Presence Setting up a good domain name is important for your business…

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Balsillie School of International Affairs

The Balsillie School of International Affairs wanted to redesign their website, lower their bounce rate (a ‘bounce’ is when a website visitor only visits one page of a website and doesn’t view additional pages) and make a better organized experience for their visitors. In collaboration with Vibrant Content, Scott Towne worked as the User Experience…

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Why You (and Google) Want a Green Padlock On Your Website

  The internet has been called the information highway for many years. Recently, Google (aka the Ministry of Highways) has decided to make (what you could call the equivalent of) seat belts mandatory on the information highway, to increase the safety of all who use it. How are they doing that? Well, they are making…

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Rae Haddow

The Challenge Rae Haddow was planning her coaching business launch as she finished her training with Erickson Coaching International. She knew that that she wanted a website to give herself a professional online home, but she didn’t have any content, brand or audience. Working together through the discovery process, we identified her business needs and…

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Ten Things Your Health & Wellness Business Website Must Do To Reach an Audience, Make a Difference in People’s Lives and Have Systems in Place to Grow a Profitable Business

Introduction Your goal as a health and wellness provider is to help people (pretty simple right?). Your health and wellness business website’s goal is to let potential clients know that you understand the problems they are facing and you have solutions to those problems (not as simple). Your website is open twenty four hours a…

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New Health and Wellness Professionals Business Group on Facebook

  We’re pleased to announce that Fairfield Media is offering a new free private facebook group!   This group is meant for health and wellness professionals that want to build their business online so they can reach an audience, make a difference in people’s lives and have systems in place to grow a profitable business.…

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