The Challenge

CineVic, a society of independent filmmakers in Victoria, BC needed a website redesign to communicate with their members and the public. The CineVic staff could not easily update the site to deliver information about upcoming events, member notices, or showcase member work. In addition, the site was not mobile friendly, which meant it couldn’t be easily viewed on a phone or a tablet. The site had been recently compromised by spam hackers due to outdated technology running the site. A change in presentation, usability and technology was required for CineVic’s website.

The Solution

We re-organized the homepage to communicate to the audience what CineVic is and what it does. It now clearly features upcoming events, latest news and member work for visitors to read. The new site includes a better way to communicate membership benefits and an improved way for collecting membership applications to reduce paperwork. As for the technology, we moved the website from Drupal to WordPress to make the website easier to edit by staff. Also, we implemented an easy and secure way for staff to log-in from their smart phones. Finally, we set up mobile responsive break points in the website so it dynamically resizes based on the size of the screen it is viewed on. After the redesign, the site communicates better with its audience, is easier to maintain by the staff and is on a modern technical foundation for years to come.

From Our Project Partner


“From our very first meeting I knew that Scott was fully capable of completing the project within our budget and timeframe. His digital literacy became even clearer as the project moved along, and provided a satisfying level of comfort throughout the process.”

David Geiss – Executive Director, CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers,

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