Lead Capture


Business owners work hard and pay money to bring visitors to their website. Most businesses are missing out on being able to directly communicate with that well-earned traffic after they have left the website. Email marketing is proven to be effective for lead conversions, however it can be difficult to get someone to join your list. In order to earn new subscribers, you need to add value to your visitor’s lives and trade them something useful in return for their equally valuable email address.


Below are the three phases of a lead capture set-up that will help to increase the number of people that join your list and gives you the chance to further build trust with your visitors and develop those leads into customers.

1) Provide Immediate Value

  • You know what your audience needs & wants
  • Create value for your audience
  • Perhaps commonly asked questions or other other advice
  • Visitor wants to learn more from you
  • Make additional information available (called a lead magnet) to your audience in the form of a downloadable guide, checklist, or other media file


2) Capture Visitor Information

  • Now that you have proven that you have value to offer
  • You exchange more info (lead magnet) for their email contact (email capture)
  • OptinMonster is a great tool for this, straightforward to setup and integrate with your website and your email marketing system


3) Build Trust (Add More Value)

  • Thank your new subscriber with a page on your website
  • Your email system will deliver the email with the download link
  • Continue to provide value and build trust with an email follow-up
  • Write a series of emails that re-iterate the key points of your lead magnet
  • Automated email marketing tools are here to help you manage this process
  • MailChimp is straightforward to use, but Active Campaign is more robust
  • Offer to help further in whatever way makes sense for your business


There you have three phases of a lead capture system designed to help you convert your website visitors into leads. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you’d like our help setting up an automated lead capture system on your website.


To get more detailed information download on the free pdf guide below!


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