Google recently released an article about how many websites get hacked every year, how many people come across these sites and why they get hacked in the first place. Here were the most startling statistics they revealed:

Over the last year Google detected nearly 800,000 compromised websites—roughly 16,500 new sites every week from around the globe.


Every week, over 10 million users encounter harmful websites that deliver malware and scams.

The main blames are weak passwords or outdated software. Google wants to keep its customers safe, so hacked or infected website may be flagged for visitors with warnings and search results that say ‘this site may harm your computer’ or ‘this site may be hacked’. As a business owner, you don’t want one of those warnings on your site since it will discourage visitors, impact your search rankings and ultimately could hurt your bottom line.



Google suggests keeping your site’s software updated and adding more layers of authentication (two factor authentication works by having a password plus a second code that gets sent to you via text, telephone call or mobile app to confirm your identity) to your website user accounts. To help keep the hackers out of our sites, Google Search Console will send notifications of any perceived threats.

A portion of Fairfield Media’s Website Care Plans are designed to strengthen websites to weather these attacks from hackers and infection attempts. As Google suggests, we run regular software updates, full website back-ups and connect to Google Search Console. In addition, we perform security scanning to pick up any problems before Google finds them. We also enable a two factor authentication system to help keep predators out. While we can’t guarantee that a site won’t be hacked; if a site is infected, we have cleanup experts waiting in the wings.

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You can read the full article from Google about hacked websites here.


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