Our Process


The process of building or redesigning a website is complicated, but we have carefully developed a way for creating the best results for our clients. We call it our Road Map. Here is an overview of what we’ll do:

#1) The Brief

We’ll meet to determine your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. This includes your business goals, your audience’s goals, plus short-term and long-term objectives. This stage will lay the foundation of what we will build together.


#2) Pre-Production

After we’ve taken the brief, we’ll develop a project plan, complete a content audit and create a high-level site map for the structure of your site. This gives us an illustration to speak-to before we start developing a prototype in the browser.


#3) Prototype

Our next step is critical for proving out the user experience, flow, functionality and layout of all the content on the site.  This stage is all about the function before we take on the site’s appearance in the next step.


#4) Design

Now that the functional aspects of the site have been established, we’ll focus on making things look good and match your branding. Don’t have a brand? No problem, we’ll work with you to create your identity.


#5) Production

This stage is all about working behind the scenes to complete the core of the site plus integrating your content into the site to bring it to life. We’ll also ensure your site is fully mobile responsive and optimized for organic search engine discovery (SEO).


#6) Launch

Finally, we’ll bring all the pieces together to get your site ready for launch. To help get the word out about your new website, we’ll help you announce on social media and through email marketing. In conjunction with the launch, we train your staff and give you 30 days of post-launch support to iron out any questions or issues that may come up.


#7) Post Launch

After 30 days, we offer Website Care Plans to keep your website up to date and to continue to collaborate with you on your business goals to grow the effectiveness of your website.

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