Getting to Know You

You may have read this elsewhere on, but we’re a big fan of John Jantsch and his summation of marketing as the process of someone getting to know, like and trust you. Putting your face on your website and in your social media is an important step in humanizing your business or organization. Better still, why not capture your activities or events so your audience can see you interacting with your team and customers. Photography is still very powerful because it can be a highly crafted and freezes a particular moment. Plus, a selection of photos can be used throughout your website and different social channels for months to come.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Showcasing your work with photos is a great way to let people know what you can do. If you practice in any trade or craft, keeping an updated portfolio of your creations is a great way to show potential clients why you are so valuable. Including a brief write-up along with those photos also gives Google (and other search engines) something to sink their teeth into when people are in search mode and looking for an answer to their problem. You want to be ready to show what you’ve got when your potential client is out there looking for you.


We offer photography services to help you showcase your people, business, products or events.

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