The Challenge

Joy Sereda, the Clinical Director of Summit Counselling Group, approached us to build a site for her brand-new counselling clinic. She wanted her site to be as easy to navigate as possible, with key information about services and counsellors front and centre — so that new clients who may be feeling stressed would be able to navigate the site with ease and book appointments right from the counsellors’ pages.

The Solution

We worked to create an experience that was streamlined, calm and relaxing — to take visitors to key pages and get to know the counsellors with the fewest clicks possible. To match Summit Counselling’s logo, we used inspirational nature photos throughout the site to reflect the positive, uplifting experience of working with their therapists. The result is a site that is calming, simple-to-use and even allows clients to easily book appointments online.

From Our Project Partner


“Scott took a very vague and fuzzy idea, and turned it into more than what we could have possibly imagined. The process was virtually painless; and Scott was not only patient as we stumbled through figuring out what we hoped our end product would be – he also provided invaluable suggestions, and ideas that turned our vague and fuzzy ideas to a fantastic website.”

Joy Sereda, Clinical Director, Summit Counselling Group

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