Your goal as a health and wellness provider is to help people (pretty simple right?). Your health and wellness business website’s goal is to let potential clients know that you understand the problems they are facing and you have solutions to those problems (not as simple). Your website is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It needs to put forth your best foot all the time.

In order to help you get the best results from your health and wellness business website I’ve put together this checklist of “Ten Things Your Health & Wellness Business Website Must Do To Reach an Audience, Make a Difference in People’s Lives and Have Systems in Place to Grow a Profitable Business”. Note that there are some affiliate links within this article, these links will give me a small portion of any fee you pay for services or products with no additional cost to you.


1) Does your health and wellness business website clearly state your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?

You only have a few seconds to let your visitors know what your business website is about. It is important you let your audience know you are talking to them, specifically. Why broadcast a generic message, who will that resonate with? Typically, no-one. Grab a copy of ‘Duct Tape Marketing’ by John Jansch. Don’t let the title put you off, this is an excellent resource for small businesses. I regularly have my clients work through a number of the exercises. In the first couple of chapters you will find resources on identifying your ideal client and working on core messaging, including what John calls a ‘talking logo’ which is essentially a unique value proposition (UVP).

Read more at Duct Tape Marketing


2) Does your health and wellness business website talk about your Services in the context of what benefits your clients will receive?

Explaining what you do is not nearly as engaging as discussing the benefits that you deliver. Do you talk about the benefits that people will receive from working with you? Do you help visitors compare the before and after states they will experience? Think about how you can and have helped people in the past. How did they feel before you helped them? How did they feel after you helped them? What benefits did they achieve with your help? Learn more about this ‘before/after’ exercise at Digital Marketer’s website. Scroll down a little way into this article to get to ‘Step 1 – Determine Product/Market Fit’.

Read more at Digital Marketer



3) Does your health and wellness business website have a consistent and professional appearance that ties together in one Brand identity?

Creating a professional appearance on your business website takes some work, but it isn’t as hard as you may think. Really, it comes down to consistency and simplicity. Using two colours, two fonts and one way of writing (or speaking if you use audio or video) makes the website come together in a cohesive presentation. Using a professional WordPress theme from a company like StudioPress is a great starting point. Picking a couple of complimentary colours and fonts is your next move. Don’t forget to have some professional photography done for photos of yourself and check the best free stock photography websites for other the images you’ll need. Now roll them all together with your writing style that stays true to your communication style and you’ve got your brand sorted.

Free Stock Photography


StudioPress Themes


Adobe Colour Wheel


Font Pairing Recommendations


An Example of Brand Voice



4) Does your health and wellness business website have an interesting About page that talks about how you can help your ideal client more than it talks about you?

Your About page is time to let the world know about how great you are right? Well, yes and know. You are great and you will let people know that by building trust and a relationship with them, however you have to start off by letting them know how you can help them out. When visitors are first arriving at your site, they are going to make quick assessments and judgements on whether or not this is a place they want to spend time (just like #1 in this list). Talking about only yourself is not going to keep your visitors engaged unfortunately. Think of the About page as being About how you can help your ideal clients, now About you. Of course you should have a photo of yourself there, how else can we connect with a person on the other side of that computer or phone screen?

Read More at Copyblogger



5) Does your health and wellness business website have helpful Blog posts that will make a difference in your potential client’s lives?

You want to help people and your blog is the place to start spreading that help through helpful articles and sharing resources. WordPress (you are using WordPress right?) makes it easy to publish blog posts. Writing about the ways people can get make improvements to their health and wellness is great for your potential clients and great for helping people find your website through organic searches (like on Google) in the first place. Writing these types of articles will add more and more specific content to your website that search engines will add to their index of information.

Business Blogging Tips from CopyBlogger





6) Does your health and wellness business website have an easy to use Contact page?

You want visitors to take action while they are on your website, you don’t want them wandering off to another website. Having easy to find information on a contact page is a must! Is ‘Contact’ in your main menu? Once on that page, do your visitors know how to contact you? Do you list your email address? Are you using a contact form (like Gravity Forms or Typeform) to let people fill in some information right there on your page? Do you have other ways of contacting you through other well known channels like Facebook? Do you offer a free Facebook group so people can connect with you where they already hang-out (there’s an estimated 2 billion people hanging out every month)?

Gravity Forms




Neil Patel on Starting a Facebook Group



7) Does your health and wellness business website let people give you their email in exchange for some valuable information where you can build trust and nurture relationships with those potential clients?

When a website asks you to ‘join our newsletter’ that is a big leap of faith. When you are new to a website, why would you give them your valuable email address when you don’t know what they will start sending you? We have all gotten used to dismissing those little boxes that pop-up asking us to ‘join the newsletter’. You need to give your visitors an interesting reason to let you into their inbox. You need to send them something valuable that will help them with their problem and reach their goals. Email is an important communication tool with your audience. Work on your message that describes what action you want your visitor to take and let them know what benefit they will get. Plug those into Thrive Leads, OptinMonster or Genesis eNews Extended and connect it to your MailChimp or ActiveCampaign account. And start sending those valuable emails! See this blog post for more information.

Genesis eNews Extended


Thrive Leads






Active Campaign


8) Does your health and wellness business website load quickly and securely, giving a pleasant visitor experience?

When you think of all the different websites you have visited over the years, remember the slow ones to load, or ones that seemed a little sketchy? Did you want to stay there? Did you feel like you were in a good place? No, me neither. To start making your visitors feel at home is with a good WordPress webhost to make your site load quickly. Flywheel is an excellent option with an affordable ‘Tiny’ plan and the easiest to use toolset. Flywheel is so easy to use (and I have tried many webhosts) it still blows me away. WPEngine is another great option with prices starting a little higher and the toolset a little less user friendly. Both of these dedicated WordPress hosts will let you setup an SSL certificate. You may not of heard of that before, but an SSL cert is the little green site lock you see in the address bar of your web browser (like Chrome or Safari). In face, Google will start telling visitors that a site isn’t secure if it doesn’t have an SSL cert later this year! That won’t go down well with your business website visitors!





Google Page Speed


9) Does your health and wellness business website show your great Testimonials from previous clients?

Do you have any social proof on your site that shows people you have worked with and the results you have gotten for them? People are more likely to feel like they can start to trust you when they can see other humans that have come before them. Plus, a website is a technological experience on a computer or phone, it’s not like having a warm conversation with someone. We need to make the experience of visiting your website more personable and welcoming. This also ties back to #2 and how you make people feel. You want to capture that and share it with your prospective clients. Your contact form software in #6 can also create you a great little form for collecting testimonials. Get those testimonials up on your homepage, about, contact just about where-ever you can squeeze them in!

Easy Testimonials for WordPress


10) Is your health and wellness business website running Google Analytics or another analytics program so you can track how people are using your site?

Planning out your website structure, content and experience is a lot of work and you’ll feel great when you finish getting your website live. However, if you aren’t reviewing how people are using your site once it goes live, your efforts are going to be lost because you’re flying blind. Making sure your website is doing what it should do and is helping people as you imagined requires tracking and analysing the usage data. Google Analytics is an amazing tool for tracking interactions on your website. This should be your first stop once your site is live (or before if you setup a Coming Soon page on your domain). It should be the first thing you add to your website since it takes time to gather the data and the more data you have, the better you can incrementally improve your website’s experience.  Another tool to look at is Hotjar for some more detailed information about how people are navigating individual pages on your site. While Hotjar is a nice-to-have tool, Google Analytics or a similar tool is a must-have.

Setting Up Google Analytics


Monster Insights (Google Analytics) for WordPress


Hotjar Analytics



11) BONUS – Is your health and wellness business website telling your visitors what to do next? 

These are known as a Call To Action. Basically, you want your visitors to take the next step, sign up to get a free something, join your Facebook group, contact you however you can help them best next!Similar to your your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) your CTA (Call to Action) is another fun acronym from creating websites that are focused on converting visitors into business leads. Your website visitors can use a little help and direction on what to do next. This is where your CTA comes in (and you’ll want to have more than one). You should have one for your email list (see #7) and one leading your Contact page that you can use on your Services, About and Testimonial pages.

Kissmetrics Article on Writing CTAs



If you are serious about running a successful health and wellness business website, you need to ensure you have these ten (eleven) things in place. If you’d like our help putting any of these into action on your health and wellness business website, then please get in touch!

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