Website Evaulation


What’s going on under the hood?

Running a WordPress website for your business is a smart thing to do because of the all the powerful publishing and marketing tools you’ll have at your disposal. However, it is very important to know how all the pieces are performing under the hood. Is your WordPress website in need of a tune-up? Consider the following questions:

  • When did you last update your software?
  • How is your site performing compared to your goals?
  • What does Google think of your website?
  • Is your site looking its best on smart phones and tablets?
  • How is your host performing, is it fast and giving your visitors a good experience?
  • How well is your site search engine optimized (making it easier for new visitors to find you online)?
  • Can you easily edit your site and publish content that your audience will appreciate?
  • How many visitors do you get each month?
  • Where do your website visitors come from?
  • How are your visitors acting on your site, where do they go and when do they leave?
  • How are you staying in contact with those visitors after they leave your WordPress website?

We’ll answer all these questions and a few more with our Website Evaluation Report and strategic review of your WordPress business website. After we’ve completed our evaluation, you’ll have a website that is performing better and list of actionable items for increasing usability, conversions and overall performance.

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